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Tyler Nelson, Owner of A & T Farms and his wife Pam

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Tyler and his wife Pam

About Us

Located only minutes outside of Omaha, NE, A&T Farms produces quality farm fresh produce, home-raised beef and baled hay.

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Say hello to Gilbert! His family grows over 240 acres of strawberries  in Watsonville, California and we are bringing his sweet berries to Nebraska!
We have worked really hard over the past 10 years to partner with family farms across the country to bring the freshest, most nutritious fruits and vegetables to our area.
We are currently working directly with farmers in Georgia that grow us our early watermelon, cantaloupe, and sweet corn. We also get our first round of peaches from Lane Orchard in Georgia

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Welcome Restaurants

We are excited to offer the farm to table experience for restaurants in Omaha and the surrounding area.  Fresh local produce providing the best in eating that makes a difference to the customer.  Give us a try!  You won't be disappointed.

This is the time of year Tyler gets excited about planting - he is never happier than when he is in his tractor!

Tomatoe Plants.jpg

LOVE the little cucumbers!

Bees are very important in our work,
we bring in bumblebees for pollination!

Tomato Plants are getting BIG!

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