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Home-Raised Beef

Since our beginnings in 2002, A&T Farms has been dedicated to providing fresh local products to our customers in an effort to promote the local economy and agriculture, as well as healthy, sustainable living. Through the years, our community's passion about local food has grown to match our own. As a result, we are excited to continue expanding into different areas of local goods.

In the early years of A&T Farms, we started by growing Nebraska fruits and vegetables to sell in the community. For several years we have been raising our own Red and Black Angus cows to provide for our family and friends. Now, we are excited to begin sharing our own pasture raised, corn finished beef with our local community.

Fresh from the farm to your kitchen, A&T Farms, in partnership with Nelson Produce, is dedicated to providing safe, homegrown, delicious meats and produce.

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